Missouri Financial Investigations specializes in enforcing civil judgments. We purchase judgments from creditors like yourself, which then gives us the legal rights to pursue the debtor and collect the payment that is due.

Our firm goes well beyond typical collection letters and phone calls that simply don’t work.

Instead, our investigators will aggressively and secretly:

  • locate the debtor
  • find their current employment
  • uncover their bank account(s) and other assets
  • and legally seize these assets to satisfy your unpaid judgment plus any interest that is due.

And we won’t stop searching until we collect.

Our staff are not lawyers or Private Investigators. Missouri Financial Investigations does not charge any up-front fees so our work is entirely risk free to you. We purchase your judgment on a contingency basis and absorb all the expenses of our investigation and for collecting. We only get paid after we have successfully collected the judgment.

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